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Cloud Hosting

Business Computing On The Go

Cloud hosting is vital to any business’ accounting infrastructure. It gives businesses a robust, yet mobile and flexible, workflow – making it easier stay on top of their financials.

We, at Out Of The Box Technology, continue to have lasting partnerships with top-tier cloud hosting providers. These enable us to provide secure, reliable, and wickedly fast virtual desktops to those needing remote access to robust working environments.

Every user is assured of around-the-clock data backups, working 24/7; monitoring of their computing infrastructures; and access to experienced engineers – tasked with proactively maintenance and upgrades.

Clients of ours who use QuickBooks® in our hosted desktops are availed access to their data – through our website, or any internet-enabled device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Not only will they take advantage of having any edition of QuickBooks Desktop, but other amenities:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  • Managed security measures
  • Automated Data Backups
  • Anywhere access, via internet-enabled networks & WiFi hotspots.
  • Scalable data storage for your growth needs.


Cloud-based collaboration

Cut down time spent sharing files back and forth among colleagues. With simultaneous logins from anywhere the internet is accessible, teammates and leadership can work on the same file – seeing updates to it on the fly.

Certified IT Professionals at your fingertips

Your business will be able to utilize a dedicated team of engineers who will ensure your cloud hosting experience is swift, reliable and adapted to how you do business.

The investment in cloud computing will more than cover typical investments in personnel, equipment or software maintenance and upgrades – giving you peace of mind your computing needs are met, and more.

Securely access your data, with the assurance it always be there.

Our industry pedigree teaches data security is most important for businesses – such as yours. Because of this, our cloud hosting solution implements the tightest security protocols the industry requires.This is so vital information won’t fall to unauthorized access; and unforeseen events: natural disaster, theft.

Because of how we set our servers up, we ensure there’s a backup to your backups. In the event of an infrastructural incident, our redundancy is such your data will remain online; and you won’t notice it!

When you need it, wherever you need it.

All you really need is an internet-enabled device to access your work, and company data at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road, or vacationing on the beach; our consultants will help you get to your work – at the click of button!

Built to YOUR specifications

When you get in touch with our consultants, we’ll ensure your cloud hosting experience is set your specified user access limitations, cloud computing user roster, file access parameters – tailoring your cloud experience to how you do business.

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